Nanny and Grandpa

Nanny and Grandpa decide to visit their Sonís family for the weekend. While there Grandpa discovers a bottle of Viagra in the medicine cabinet. Approaching his Son he says, "Son, Iíd like to try one of those pills".

"I donít know, Dad", replies the Son. "They are pretty strong Ö. And expensive, too."

"How much do they cost?" asks Dad.

"They are ten dollars a piece" , is the reply.

"Thatís OK", says Dad. "Iíll try one and tomorrow, when I cash this fifty dollar bill, Iíll leave the ten dollars on your desk.

The next day, when the Son gets to his desk, he finds $110.00.

"Hey, Dad" he says, "I said the pills cost ten dollars each. Not a hundred and ten!"

"I know", says Dad. "The hundred is from your mother!"


Thanks to Mike For This Joke

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