Break-Up Lines

  • My Favorite is "Let's just be friends!"
  • "Could you please remove your close from the closet? They are much to large for my new girl friend."
  • It's not you, it's me.
  • I just don't love you the way I used too!
  • There will always be a special place in my heart for you.
  • Hey baby, welcome to dumpville. Population, you.
  • I'd rather date an open grave.
  • You and your mom are so much bed
  • It is for the least that's what my shrink said!
  • Here you have a you wont miss me so much...
  • I've found my self...and I like what I I don't need you any more.
  • You smell bad, your hair is have pimples and I do really hate you, but thank you for the sex!
  • So what we had some sex, so what? You enjoyed it more than me!
  • Sorry, You remind me to much of my ex!
  • Sorry, You remind me to much of Hillary!
  • I really need to spend more time with my computer.
  • THE BEST - "I'm Gay!"

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