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To make someone laugh and have fun making web pages. I try to only put the best of the best jokes on my pages for you to enjoy. If you have a funny joke or a picture you would like to share with everyone, please feel free to e-mail them to me.

New Stuff:
* 02-03-2014: Got the website back up and running. new.gif (2837 bytes)
12-19-2001: Today I added in 3 new blonde jokes. My favorite was the Arkansas Blonde one.
12-11-2001: I added in some Manly Rules today. Please check them out, pretty funny.



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What it really means is.....
You know you're a woman.....
100 great reasons for being a guy.
More Plain Funny Jokes Here
Women Only Hotel new.gif (2837 bytes)
Nanny and Grandpa new.gif (2837 bytes)
Ever have a bad day?
Checking accounts....
Dam project...
Arkansas Leroy
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Trouser Snake
Alot Of Dumb Blondes Jokes In Here (Wonder Why?)
Arkansas blonde...
Dumb blondes...
Dumb blondes 2...


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