All About Newton

I'll use this page to kind of give you an insight of who I am and what kind of life I lead.

Newton's best side !!!!!

Age:  50 (But you are only as old as you feel)
Sex:   Male (When she says she wants some I say "Did I piss you off or what?")
Job:   Full time. I work for an oilfield supply company, have so for about 30 years.
Kids:   32 yr. old boy from a previous marriage,  24 yr. old boy and a 20 yr. old girl.
Views on women:  Barefoot and pregnant is the only way.
Interests:   Women (Look but no touch)  Making pages and pissing off the wife.
TV:   Mainly Sci-Fi and anything demeaning toward women (Married with children)
Automobile:   Right now I drive a  red Toyota Tundra.
Beliefs:   Never hit a woman, Never cheat on your wife (It's OK to cheat on a girlfriend), Work hard, Drive friendly, Don't cuss around your kids, Don't be a racist and most of all (Always wear the pants in your family)

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